Back to AT&T store. Doors open for iPhone distribution at 6. Did a drive by at 4:30. Not much of a line; that’s the advantage of being in a non-geek area and hidden from the road. Swing by McDonalds to choke down some Fud. Back to line. Only about 50 people or so ahead of me. Odds look good.

Line commences moving promptly at 6pm. Moves along at decent pace. Rain has abated, but temperature and humidity in Austin combine to make it feel like it’s about 95 or so. Deploy giant, black umbrella, brought along for rain or sun. Mac fanatic next to me is very thankful for shade; shares Mt. Dew. Doug thankful for caffeine. Line lurches along.

Friendly AT&T folks have taken pity on line standers and left bottled water outside. Thank you, friendly AT&T people; friendlier write-up assured.

Salesperson chats with me, notes they have about 15 8Gb phones for each 4Gb phone. I opine that, given the lack of an expansion slot, getting a 4Gb phone seems a mite silly. He notes that in an affluent place like Austin that might be true, but other places, maybe not so much. I concede the point.

6:30pm: Door in sight. Folks let into store in groups of 10. Finally inside. Stand under a/c vent for a minute or two, waiting for body temperature to drop back into normal range. Sheriff’s deputy–there for crowd control, one presumes–gently points me at correct place in line; dehydrated, I had wandered. Thank him, pull head together, get back in line like good little ant.

At counter. Small hitch: my phone number is 408; this is a 512 area code. Oh no! Will they sell to me? Trauma! No; more experienced salesperson takes care of problem. (One would think this would never be a problem–these are cell phones, after all–but never mind.) Crisis averted. Money exchanged for shiny gadget. (Well, Doug hopes shiny gadget is contained in black box with pretty picture on it.) Box put in bag. Bag clutched tightly in hand, Doug heads for exit and home. And more Mt. Dew; dehydration problem very bad.

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