Visited local AT&T store today. Store still has “Cingular” sign outside. Workmen frantically removing “Cingular” sign and putting up “AT&T” sign on top of building when I went in, no doubt in anticipation of the Ravening Hordes coming tomorrow. As building is not visible from the road due to local ordinance, why this matters, I have no idea.

Went in to make sure there was no magic “waiting list” or other insanities that I needed to be on. Was assured that all I needed was a body (mine) and a credit card. Salesman informed me store will be open until 10, and everyone who doesn’t get an iPhone will be ordered one, although with no guarantee as to how long fulfillment will take. Or you can just order online, wait, and hope for the best. (What, delayed gratification? As if! I’m an American! Want Toy Now!)

Commiserated with salesman, who already looks punch-drunk and weary. Asked if he was stuck with sales duty tomorrow. Told me, “We all are.” Bought new earphone for my trusty v180 (just in case; washed old one in cargo shorts by accident) and departed.

No people waiting outside. Yet. Cannot line up myself until 2pm at earliest, due to childcare issues. Just as well; monsoon season here in Austin, and I have no kayak. Preparation problems: wear Humphrey Bogart-style fedora? (Too hot for trench coat.) Bring ginormous umbrella? Hibachi grill? Bottle of tequila? Bong? (Hey, it’s an Apple product; you never know what kind of people will be on line! Especially in Austin. Motto: “Keep Austin Weird.”) Cups-o-soup? Wait until 9:55pm and hope for the best? Who knows what Doug will do.