Late. Late late late. Obsessively setting up iPhone. Still haven’t had dinner. Did have Mt. Dew, however. Not a healthy diet. Reverting to hard-core geekdom of college years. Glad my wife can’t see.

Minor hassle with AT&T/iTunes setup. Turns out phone account had “tax ID number” associated with it, precluding signup through iTunes. Who knew? Certainly not me. Nice AT&T phone support guy removed tax ID number, and iTunes signup proceeded smoothly thereafter. (First bottled water, now this. Good press from Doug!)

Sent text message to forebearing wife. “Cool,” notes wife. 100 relationship points to wife for not making fun of geek husband. Call wife on voice line. Voice connection clearer than with old Motorola v180; cool indeed!

iPhone not wanting to sync to more than one computer at a time. Hm, odd. iPods can do it; why not iPhones? Bad boy, Steve! Signed up iPhone on wrong computer; now have to move all my PDA info to other system. Bummer being me. Good thing all music and videos backed up on external hard disk. Ha ha ha!

iPhone not wanting to hook into house wireless network. Gonna have to call tech support on that one; can’t live with Edge speeds in my own house. I mean, geez, the Archos 604 can do it, Apple!

Wow; quick charge! Now listening to soothing tones of Miles Davis: “All Blues”. Blow that horn, Miles.

Want to download next episode of “Heroes” to watch before I fall asleep. 500Mb. 60 minutes. Real bummer being me. Oh well; I needed to eat and watch Keith Olbermann, anyway.