banana slug Ariolimax columbianus 26

I misdoubt that there is a crowd of thousands out there, waiting for me to make my mystery novel, written last November and now fully edited, available to the world.  Heck, I doubt it’s even dozens of people.  There are some good friends who have told me that they won’t read it, in fact.  (“I don’t really like mysteries,” one told me, e.g.)

Be that as it may:  It is coming soon.  I am waiting on my illustrator to generate some cover art for me, and I want to present you all–my teeny, tiny readership–with as polished a product as possible.  I will be making it available in both ePub and Mobi format, so you can read it on most any device out there.

But while you wait, in the unlikely even that you want to get a look at it sooner, I have started posting the book, one chapter at a time, on Wattpad.  I don’t know at what rate I will post chapters; once every day or two is my guess.  But if you want to take a look, please feel free to surf on over and read it there.  I will follow up with updated pointers here, too.  Just cuz I’m narcissistic.