Yup, that be me

Hi there; I’m Doug, and this be my blog.

I’ve had blogs before.  You can see my first stab at blogging starting in 2007 at  After that, I gave Open Salon a try for a while, and posted there pretty regularly (particularly while I was working at Juniper and, thus, in Mt. View a lot and so away from my family and with a bit more free time).  Most recently I have been belaboring people with my opinions on Facebook.

And all of those were fine.  And I plan to use this blog space for boring you with my  opinions in the future.  But that’s not why I grabbed this .com domain.  My plan is to create a place where I can make my fiction available–available for comment and for download.

Whether or not I can, at some point in the future, find a way to make money with my fiction I have no idea.  But in the meantime I am writing, and wanting to share (or inflict, depending on your point of view) my stuff.  This offers me a means of doing so.  Look for my first novel to be posted hopefully soon (in DRM-free ePub format).  Other stories hopefully to follow.

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy.