Today–Iowa caucus day–I drove from Lake Charles, Louisiana back home to Austin. We left late to miss the Houston rush-hour nightmare, not getting in until a little after 10. So as a political junkie I figured: “Excellent; I’ll find out the results of the Iowa caucuses!”

Well, what a stupe I am.

Reuters gives lots of news about Obama and Huckabee’s big wins. Lots of talk about Edwards coming in second, and Clinton third (of course; it’s been “beat up on Hillary” time for a few weeks now, and now they have some actual data). But who came in second in Iowa among Republicans? Third? What are the percentages? Reuters is mute.

So is Yahoo news. And Andrew Sullivan. And Salon. And if you can find the info on the Iowa Caucus Results web page (“in real time!” they proclaim), you’re a better man (or woman) than I.

I’m currently googling to get the actual, you know, results, but I have to say I’m utterly appalled. It’s bad enough that the “mainstream media” spends ‘waaaaaay too much time on giving us opinions and bullshit; now they think their opinions matter more than the results.

Jeez, guys; even with baseball games (even local minor league games!) I get a box score if I want it. What are the friggin’ RESULTS?

If the media can’t even report the most basic, salient facts, what the hell is the point of them? (Over 10 MSM web sites now, and I still haven’t found out how Ron Paul did other than “fifth”.)