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friendly slug
Image courtesy of IRMacGuyver via the IGN boards

Now up to Chapter 11 of my mystery, which (in case I haven’t beaten it into the ground enough) is a novel that I wrote during last November’s National Novel Writing Month.  I’m pretty happy with it.  A few people are reading it.  One vanity publisher contacted me about it.  (Answer:  “No thank you.”)  It’s a start.

I’m hoping to soon finish a short story set in the same milieu, a young adult steampunk novel (the setting of which I think is pretty unique and don’t want to reveal until I’m ready to either send it to agents, publishers, or publish it myself), and a science fiction/urban fantasy novel.  I’ll finish the short story first for sure and make that available on Wattpad; the other two, I’ll just keep plugging along on, with occasional input from my friend Tim, my daughter Maggie, and (as always) Sam.

If you’re interested in watching the ongoing development of a fiction writer, from unpublished hack with stars in his eyes, to (one hopes) published author, you’ve come to the right place.  In the meantime, there’s “A Study with Slugs”, Chapter 11.  Surf on over and take a look.