Some random thoughts on the current campaign nuttiness.

  • If John McCain’s temper is so “well documented”, why are we hardly hearing about it during his current press-driven beatification tour?
  • Is it just me, or are articles on “Why Clinton Should be Winning” or “Why Clinton Really is Winning” or “Why Obama’s current lead doesn’t really matter” more the kind of thing one hears as after a campaign is over as part of the postmortem?
  • How do people so out-of-touch as David Broder and Cokie Roberts get to keep insisting that they know what “typical Americans” are thinking?
  • Is anyone but me (and Glenn Greenwald, apparently) as disgusted by the fact that Ana Marie Cox, nee Wonkette, has become so much a part of the Washington media that she can’t even recognize the obvious: that attending a friggin’ bar-b-que with John McCain has an effect on the type of reporting he can expect from her?
  • Why do people in a state being heavily wooed by candidates still get sucked in by naked and obvious pandering by those candidates? Do people in Ohio really think Clinton or Obama would throw out NAFTA? Do people in Florida really think they care (in an ultimate sense) about Castro? Do people in Pennsylvania really believe Clinton likes “Rocky,” or that Obama is a Steelers fan?