Well, Clinton won two states and eked out a narrow vote win here in Texas.

My position is–and always has been–that Hillary would make a perfectly fine President, but that there’s no way she can win in November. No way. The youth vote that supported Obama will stay home; the Republicans who are currently apathetic (at best) over McCain will be galvanized, and she will lose. So it’s a complete bafflement to me that people continue to vote for her.

So I’m depressed. Because I’m tired of this campaign and want it over. Because I’m tired of the Clintons and want them off the stage. Because I’m convinced that the campaign is now going to descend to mutual mud-slinging, and I’m friggin’ sick of that. And because I’m convinced that the longer this goes on, the greater the chance of a Republican win in November.

So I’m depressed. How about you?