There’s a lot of things about this campaign that defy my understanding, and so I’m going to bore you poor folks with them.

  • Why–why why why!–does anyone think Hillary Clinton can win the general election? Too many people hate her, and it is the only thing that could galvanize the republican nutty-right base enough to bring them out in large numbers.
  • What’s the hooha about Obama’s rhetorical gifts being a negative. Whose genius idea was that? What, we’re supposed to ignore the fact that, finally, we have a candidate who is an actual, honest-to-god orator. This is a good thing, folks.
  • On the flip side, what is it with the press and Clinton? Why do they hate her so much, and enjoy their shadenfruede so visibly when she is struggling? Did she drop fleas in Tim Russert’s shorts or something?
  • I used to like McCain, but he sold his soul to win this primary. Cut taxes! Fence us in! More war in Iraq! Good God; how can anyone in their right mind vote for that guy? If the world was a just place, McCain would get the 30% hardcore right-wing loony vote, and the democratic candidate the other 70%. Too bad it won’t work out that way.
  • Anyone who’s arguing that Obama is an empty suit is either being obtuse, or simply obnoxious. He went out there in Houston tonight and gave a speech so long and detailed it was damn boring. My preference: to know that he has that stuff in reserve, and then listen to the inspiration stuff that will get it done. Reagan didn’t pull in “Reagan Democrats” with his policy wonkishness, kiddies.