In every election that I can remember, the Republicans hammer the Democrats over two main issues: national defense, and economics. And the craven Democrats truly suck at deflecting these comments.

As Al Smith once said, “Let’s look at the record.”

“Trickle-down” economics, or Reaganomics, or “VooDoo Economics” (as George H.W. Bush called it) had a 12-year run from 1981-1993. Taxes on the upper income brackets were massively slashed. The result? Some good times, two or three recessions, and a huge buildup of debt from the exploding deficit.

George W. Bush’s version also included massive tax cuts that went disproportionately to the upper income brackets. The result: some good times, a couple of recessions, and a huge buildup in the debt. Bush brags about job creation, but many months the number of jobs created has not exceeded the number of new workers entering the market; the way I learned math, that’s a net loss of jobs.

Conclusions: Tax cuts do not pay for themselves. “Trickle down” economics increases creates a deficit and increases the debt. Tax cuts for the upper income brackets do not provide a massive stimulus in job creation.

By contrast, against the votes of every Republican in Congress, Bill Clinton passed a budget that included tax increases in 1993. The result: the longest period of economic growth in this country’s history, including the creation of millions of jobs.

Conclusion: the Republicans don’t know dick about how to make the economy hum, and are just blowing smoke when they say they do.

On defense, the “adults” who took over from Clinton have been responsible for the debacle in Iraq, and letting Afghanistan go to hell after they had taken out the Taliban. Now, the projected defense budget is three quarters of a trillion dollars for next year alone. Yeah, them Republicans sure is good at defense!

So in short, the Republicans have shown through their own actions that they are not superior at managing economic policy or defense. So Democrats, show some friggin’ backbone when they accuse you of it!