I have a huge amount of trouble listening to Bush speak. For one thing, he’s a miserably bad speaker, even worse than his father. For another, his policies are asinine, and that bothers me immeasurable. But finally, the way he swallows his words drives me absolutely insane.

Even so, I listened to part of his speech tonight, and have a few comments:

Bush: “In Iraq, an ally of the United States is fighting for its survival.”
Doug: I kept wracking my brain wondering which ally he was talking about. Great Britain? No; they were leaving, and their survival was assured. Iraq itself? They weren’t a country yet. The Shiites? The Sunnis? The Kurds? He must be talking about Iraq, even though it doesn’t have a central government, and isn’t really an “ally,” so much as a colonial state.

Bush: “Eight months ago we adopted a new strategy.”
Doug: No; eight months ago you ordered a new strategy. We didn’t have anything to do with it, and something like 2/3 of us don’t agree with it.

Bush: “We are seizing the initiative from the enemy.”
Doug: What enemy? It’s a friggin’ civil war. It’s like fighting fog. Doesn’t he even read his NIEs? I’m so sick of this guy dividing the world into “enemies” and “allies” I could just hurl. The world’s more complicated than that, Mr. President.

Bush: We will reduce from 20 combat brigades to 15 by next July.
Doug: We would have to do that no matter what happened with “the surge,” unless we wanted to implement a draft. If Bush dropped a rock, he would take credit for the force of gravity when the rock crashed to the floor.

Bush: “As . . . the Iraqis assume more control over their own security, our mission in Iraq will evolve.”
Doug: How is this different from “As they stand up, we will stand down”? It’s back to the future, baby!

Bush: “I have benefited from their advice.”
Doug: Since when? Has there ever been a time when Bush has followed advice that’s contrary to what he wanted to do in the first place?

Bush: “The principle guiding my decision on troop levels in Iraq is: ‘Return on Success.'” (Trust me: you could hear the capitals and quote marks when he was speaking.)
Doug: Horseshit. The principle guiding your decision is: ‘Turn the Mess Over to My Successor.'”

Bush: Talks about future presidents remaining in Iraq.
Doug: I am absolutely overwhelmed by the arrogance of this man trying to force us to follow his insane, moronic policy after he leaves office. His nerve is simply unbelievable.

Bush: He mentions Iran gaining nukular weapons if we are “driven” out of Iraq. (How about if we just, ya know, leave?)
Doug: I pray every day that Cheney doesn’t get his way, and get a war with Iran before he and Bush leave office. I hope others are praying with me. I say this with no irony whatsoever. It scares the crap out of me thinking about it. They are clearly beating the drum for it. How they think they can fight another war when they are already breaking our military apart, I have no idea. (A draft in the waning days of next summer?)

Bush: “Iraq could face a humanitarian nightmare.”
Doug: He really doesn’t listen to his daily briefings, does he? After more than 2 million refugees, with power and water only intermittently available in the capital city, let alone the other cities, he doesn’t think Iraq is a humanitarian nightmare now?

Bush: He links Iraq to 9/11 again.
Doug: Why does he still get away with that? Has he no shame?

Bush: He reads an email.
Doug: I sure wish he would read one of the ones I’ve sent him. He could delete the curse words for public consumption.

Bush reminds me a lot of guys I used to read the postings of on USENET back in the day (late 80s, early 90s). It’s clear that he believes that if he repeats something often enough, it must be true (“Iraq is a central front in the war on terror;” “We can succeed;” “Iraq was a safe haven for terrorist prior to 9/11;” etc.). You would think that, by the age of 61, he would have learned that just because you can repeat something 3 or more times doesn’t make it true.

At the beginning of his speech, Bush said “In the life of all free nations, there come moments that decide the direction of a country and reveal the character of its people.” He’s right. Unfortunately, this country–or at least, the political class of this country–will not make those decisions by either defunding the war or impeaching this horrible President and Vice President. So we are stuck with this insane, suicidal policy that means nothing but death, destruction, loss of American credibility, and further waste of money, until he leaves office. I sincerely hope that the next President does not follow Bush’s idiotic advice and continues his stupid adventure in Iraq. I pray that we don’t. But nowadays, I believe anything is possible.

God bless America, and please please hurry.