As I’ve said before here, I’m completely baffled by homophobia. You’re a guy who wants to marry another guy, or a woman who wants to marry another woman, hey, be my guest. I just don’t understand what all the hubub is about, and I never will.

Another thing that confuses me, though, are people like Senator Larry Craig. I’m not confused by him being in the closet; I understand that. There are times when, as a Jew, I find it mighty uncomfortable to tell people that I’m Jewish (e.g., around Christmas). I get that. If a gay man or woman wants to remain in the closet, I’m content to let them.

But when a gay or lesbian gets married to a member of the opposite sex, then I start getting a little confused. I definitely understand the impulse to have children. And for men and women of Sen. Craig’s generation, it was definitely much harder to be in a committed same-sex relationship. I get that. (Although I have a lot of problems with gays and lesbians who marry, have kids, and then leave their partners because–sorry, wife (or husband) and kids!–I have to follow my same-sex bliss now! Hey, after the kids are raised and gone, knock yourself out. But up until then, the partner and kids should pay the price for your confusion? That just seems wrong to me, not to mention selfish.)

But Sen. Craig didn’t just marry, he then became a Republican politician who not only voted for, but actively supported, anti-gay legislation. And that’s most assuredly not okay. It’s not even hypocritical; it’s actively wrong. Quisling, back-stabbing; apply whatever epithet here you want, it’s just plain wrong, bordering on evil. “I–a rich, powerful man protected by my position–will outlaw this behavior, knowing full well I can engage in it in secret because of my wealth and position.” (It reminds me of wealthy, vehemently”pro life” Republicans who–I have no doubt whatsoever–would secretly take their daughters to a doctor for an abortion should they become pregnant at the age of 15 even if it meant they had to fly her from Tupelo to Boston. But I digress.)

Aside from being plain wrong, it confuses me. Why is he doing it? I can understand him voting for these positions–he’s a Republican from a deeply Red state. But to actively support them? Is it some kind of weird denial thing? Does he make his fiery anti-gay floor speeches immediately after one of his bathroom trites in a fit of remorse? Is he like an adulterer who immediately goes to the confession booth seeking absolution from a priest, or an alcoholic who, severely hung-over the next morning, begs the lord for forgiveness and swears to never, ever drink again? I don’t know, but it baffles me.