Two months ago, the craven Democrats completely caved and gave George W. Bush–Mr. 30% Approval Rating–yet another blank check for the war. The commentariat at the time said that Gen. Petraeus promised September report on “the surge” would be the make-or-break point, when–if “progress” wasn’t shown in Iraq–Republicans would start peeling away from Bush.

I, on the other hand, was a lot more cynical.

And now we see that everyone is maneuvering for the September game. First of all, we find that the good General isn’t even writing the report himself, the White House is. (Of course, they say that they were always planning on writing it, and anything you believed otherwise was your own misinterpretation!) Second, the report is going to be delivered on . . . wait for it . . . September 11! Yes sir! Just a coincidence, though! Nothing nefarious about that, sirree! And of course, Bush has already started giving speeches decrying anyone who doesn’t write him another blank check as “pulling the rug out from under the troops.”

And of course the cowardly, craven Democrats are buying it. Senators Levin and Warner, after a two-day trip to Iraq where they were given what Sen. Jim Webb so accurately termed the “Dog and Pony show,” are talking about “progress” in Iraq. Let us bear in mind two things:

  1. Levin and Warner were Iraq two days. Two days isn’t long enough to tour the Smithsonian Museum, let alone get even the remotest idea as to how the situation is in a war zone. Hell, you can’t even get through more than a couple of wings of the Smithsonian in that time.
  2. Levin and Warner got all their information from military sources. What are military sources going to say? “Yes, Senator; we’re getting our asses kicked over here.”

Make no mistake, this trip was about one thing only: political tail-covering for when Warner, Levin, and other Democratic Senators make their next craven vote in support of Bush’s disastrous war. “Well, we went to Iraq and saw enough progress to justify continuing to try!”

And Republicans, of course (as I again suspected quite a while ago) are most assuredly not peeling away from Bush.

The lack of political courage on the left simply sickens me. While these politicians bicker and squabble and refuse to stand up to an incredibly unpopular president prosecuting an unbelievably unpopular war in which American soldiers are dying to prop up a government that a lot of Iraqis don’t want (and a lot of Iraqis would like us to leave, I might add), Osama bin Laden is rebuilding his organization over in a completely different country.

The insanity of this absolutely boggles my mind.