Took a few days off with the wife–didn’t leave town, but left the kids behind with Granny and got some peace and quiet. Which included no blogging. Not that anyone noticed.

But it’s also hard to blog from a place of howling, incipient rage. I’m still so angry about the Democrat’s craven cave-in to Bush on domestic spying that I can barely think about it.

But, you know, there have been other things going on.

Barry Bonds broke the all-time home run record for Major League Baseball and, like a lot of folks I suspect, I don’t have the slightest idea how to feel about that. Yeah, yeah; he’s innocent until proven guilty, I know. But anyone with half a brain knows the guy has been shooting up performance-enhancing drugs of some kind or other. I mean, your head doesn’t grow 2-3 sizes after you turn 35 for no reason, you know?

On the other hand, he’s not exactly operating in a drug-free vacuum, either. How many of the pitchers that he has been facing are shooting up? How many of the other players who are making circus catches in the field are shooting up? How is that effecting his numbers? Who the hell can say?

One thing for sure: the guy is an incredible player. Would he have broken the record without the drugs? I dunno. Probably not. But we’ll never know. Would Babe Ruth have created the record if he had had to face Negro League pitchers, sliders, and modern bullpens? Would Ted Williams have broken it if he hadn’t had his career interrupted by two wars? Who the hell knows? Textbook definition of “mixed feelings,” anyway. No wonder Obama didn’t know how to answer Keith Olbermann in the debate; I didn’t know how I’d answer.

Speaking of which, yeah, Obama looked silly saying that Canada has a President. Of course, if that’s the worst he can do, he still looks 1000 times better than the Current Occupant. And Joe Biden, for all his sniping, doesn’t have the slightest friggin’ chance of winning the nomination, so he can just fold up his smirk and go home, as far as I’m concerned.

The thing that scares me was on display over on the Republican side. I mean, it was scary enough who they chose as moderator (“Now, live on stage, boy wonder and callow youth Geoooooorge Stephanopolas!”), but that rogues gallery they have running . . . what if one of them actually, you know, wins? President Authoritarian Guiliana? President Stay-the-Course-in-Iraq McCain? Or “I don’t have any convictions whatsoever except that I really really want to be President,” Mr. Mitt Romney? (Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Herman Munster?) I understand that the Republicans are unhappy with this crew–I know I would be–but what if one them actually wins? It’s a scary thought; enough to make me run for the Klonapin at night.