If you read my review of the iPhone, you know that I really like the durn thing, and think it’s an extremely solid effort for a Release 1 device. That said, it does have some bugs, some of which I’ve found, but a lot more of which the Apple Hound has found. He has compiled a list of iPhone bugs, if you want to be warned in advance before you buy. Here are some that I’ve found that I didn’t see on the Apple Hound’s list (I’ve used the same divisions that he has; thanks, AppleHound!):


  • UI/Usability: The calendar syncs inconsistently when attempting to sync with Outlook that uses a Microsoft Exchange server. Entries created on the iPhone are synced correctly to Outlook, but entries created on Outlook are not synced to the iPhone.


  • Crash/Hang/Data Loss: The phone application becomes unresponsive/slow when the amount of data on the iPhone approaches the maximum limit of 8Gb. This was noticed at approximately 7.725 Gb of used space. Workaround is to remove enough data so that there is more free space.


  • UI/Usability: POP3 mailbox folders are not copied/synced to the iPhone.
  • UI/Usability: There is no way to create mailbox folders on the iPhone. With the above bug, this is a serious lack.
  • UI/Usability: Email text cannot be read in landscape mode. This is inconsistent with many of the other utilities on the iPhone (e.g., Safari).


  • Crash/Hang/Data Loss: Similar to the same problem in the Google Map utility, Safari may crash during zooming and scrolling actions. To reproduce, surf to a lengthy web page, zoom in and rotate to landscape mode, and scroll down multiple times (preferably in excess of 10 times). If this happens when listening to music, the music playback stops, Safari crashes, and you are returned to the “Home” screen.

Honestly, not bad for Release 1 hardware with a bunch of Release 1 software apps. Apple should be proud of themselves.