Probably my last diary entry prior to full review on Gear Diary; look for review there sometime in the Friday timeframe (as we like to say in the computer biz).

Enjoying playing with phone immensely. Best cell phone I’ve ever had, bar none. Certainly appreciate easy way to switch between iPod mode and phone mode with simple click of headphone switch; how easy can you get? Good reception, easy dialing, and great interface between contacts list and dialing.

Also enjoying an iPod/portable music player for first time since, really, my first decent Walkman back-in-the-day. Clearly, low weight is a major advantage with these babies, and my old PDAs were just too durn heavy and awkward.

Loving having the thing as a movie player as well. Kicks ass as a PMP.

Still missing having games and a eBook reader on this thing. Wish Apple would get on the stick about that. Not holding my breath, however.

Some bugs, for sure. Got a bum pixel. Playing music while web surfing sometimes causes both Safari and iPod player to crash. Map viewer crashes pretty regularly (happens for a lot of people, apparently; read about it on the discussions forum).

Still and all, a winner of a device. A couple more features, and it would be damn near perfect. As it is, it’s pretty stellar.