Plumbing the depths now. Interesting discoveries:

  • No way to create separate mail folders on the iPhone itself. Apparently *.mac account holders get their mail folders copied across; the rest of us, SOL.
  • Calendar synced just fine the first time; since then, nothing. All new entries not being synced. Happening to plenty of other people, too.
  • Nice feature: if you are listening to music or a video on speakers, and plug in the headphones, volume automatically drops. Good idea!
  • Application called “Handbrake” does a good job converting DVDs to iPhone-understandable format.
  • Little flakey picking up in-house network; works fine near modem, not so good farther away.
  • Headphones not convenient. How do all you iPod users deal? Wrap them around arm? Tuck them in pocket? They get tangled all the time!