Sorry; more Hillary.

Look, I don’t–and probably never will–understand why some people think that Hillary Clinton is electable as President.

I tell you three times, and what I tell you three times is true: I think she would make a fine President. Certainly better than the current bonehead.

But how anyone could see her negative approval rating of 45%–45%!–and think that she can get elected is beyond me.

And how anyone could consider the results of these head-to-head matchups with the current crop of Republicans–who are a bunch of losers, in my opinion–and think that she could get elected defies the imagination. Consider:

  • In head to heads vs. Hillary, Giuliani leads Clinton by 10 percentage points; McCain leads Clinton by four percentage points; and Romney leads Clinton by two percentage points.
  • In head to heads vs. Obama, Obama leads Giuliani by five percentage points, McCain by 12 points and Romney by 16 points.

In other words, Hillary loses to all the current Republican candidates, and Obama beats all the current Republican candidates. How much clearer can it be?

So it confuses me why folks out there think they should vote for her in the primaries. And it stuns me that the Clinton camp–which is made up of really smart people–thinks that they can get her elected. They have access to all this information and more. How can they delude themselves so badly? I just don’t get it.