I suppose at this stage, and at my age, I should cease being surprised by the political grandstanding by politicians like Trent Lott–I grew up outside of Washington D.C. during the Watergate era, after all–but I guess I still retain enough hope and optimism to be disgusted by it.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Republicans in the Senate blocked the Senate from voting on a resolution–a non-binding resolution that would have forced absolutely nothing, mind you–of no-confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Never mind that the majority of Americans have lost their confidence in Gonzales. Never mind that the majority of Congressmen and Senators have lost their confidence in Gonzales. Never mind that Gonzales himself has given clear evidence that he is incapable of running a post office branch in east B.F. Kansas, let alone an important government agency. Nosiree, it’s critical for the Republicans to blat on about “the dignity of the Senate.”

And then Gonzales, bless his lying heart, has the temerity to talk about “protecting our kids.” Listen up, Alberto ol’ boy: I’ll protect my own kids, thank you very much. A guy who can’t even remember the details of a meeting he had in December where they talked about firing U.S. Attorneys is talking about protecting my kids. Yeah, that sure makes me feel good.

Gonzales is going to hang on as long as possible, because if he resigns, Bush has to appoint someone else, and then what is going to happen? Bush sure won’t find someone so loyal that will get through the Senate, that’s for sure. So he’s sticking with this incompetent boob, come hell or high water.

And the Senate, which is supposed to be on “the peepul’s” side, just wants to posture. Thanks, gang.